Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of learning through the art of expressive dance. The lessons to be taught through this medium include self esteem, confidence, poise, etiquette, respect, courtesy, teamwork, social awareness and diversity.

Dance is a form of communication. Children learn to express themselves through movement; therefore, communicating with one another through the artistic language of dance.

In addition to the above mentioned skills promoted in the EduDance program, the children participating will also learn about the history of the dances as they are introduced. Each dance is its own form of art, and we will be explaining the different dances in detail. We will also be introducing the music behind each dance, the different eras in which they were conceived, and how these dances were danced and are still danced today by different cultures around the world.

In the one hour that we will spend with the students, we will be covering the California State standards for music, dance, and Physical Education.

One course in ballroom dancing, can bring children together joining different ethnicities, children with language differences and children from various backgrounds. Even if just for the time they come together for their lessons children are able to speak a universal language of music and dance, it is worth the time providing the common platform where each child is equal and each one is communicating through the art of dance. The time invested in teaching the students the joy of expression along with the joy of physical fitness, is a win, win situation!

Once joined together on the dance floor, self-esteem is the most notable change. Postures improve, heads are held high, focus and concentration levels excel and discipline is achieved. Boys have tucked in their shirts; girls stand up straight and prepare for their lead. The partners make eye contact, listen for the music to start, and come together to dance.