Bring EduDance to your school

How to bring Edudance to your school.

With the recent San Diego Union newspapers press release and website launch, EduDance has been inundated with the question, “How can I bring EduDance to my school?” It’s as simple as a quick call to Anne Krantz at 619-729-1722, or sending an email to make an appointment.


Other people have asked “Who will be teaching ballroom dancing to our kids?” Our program carefully recruits talented and qualified dance instructors who are taught the program syllabus and are comfortable and familiar with working with children of all ages. To be eligible to work as an instructor for Edudance, each instructor must pass the school districts required background screening and medical exams.

Edudance meets both physical education and California standards for dance in all grade levels, including elementary, middle and high school.  Many school districts have budgets for either physical education or the arts. The fact that our program meets these standards of education, funding for our program is most likely available throughout all school districts. In addition, many PTA programs have funding to bring programs, such as these, to their schools as well.

Our dance programs are uniquely designed to meet the needs of each school or district.  Together we can work to bring EduDance to your school soon!

His experience in the field of dance instruction has reached and inspired students of all ages.