Anne Krantz
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As a young girl, Anne Krantz enjoyed listening to the music of the 40′s and watching old movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Six years ago, she decided to follow her passion to learn how to dance herself. As soon as she started moving on the dance floor, she was hooked. Anne is now a competitive ballroom dancer and performer.

A native to California, Anne currently resides in Alpine, California. She is married, a mother of two young sons, a business owner of an established internet ballroom dress company and is engaged in many volunteer organizations including her children’s elementary school.
Anne worked for the Alpine Union School District from 1999 until 2002 as the school librarian, and in various substitute positions. This is where she developed her passion to work with children and to bring out the children’s varied interests and talents.
In the beginning of the 2004 – 2005 school year, Anne offered to volunteer to help in her son’s 5th grade classroom.   After the first few weeks of the semester, Anne shared with her son’s teacher her passion for ballroom dance.  The teacher was intrigued and asked Anne if she would be interested in teaching the students.  Inspired by the prospect of introducing the art of ballroom dance to the children in her son’s classroom, she began to teach the students ballroom dance techniques. Together with her partner, Christian Wasinger, the idea for EduDance Classrooms in Motion, was born.


Christian Wasinger
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Born and raised in Austria, Christian is a former Champion Ballroom Dancer, medalist, and member of the Austrian National Ballroom Dance League. After winning many competitions in Austria and traveling all over Europe, he decided to retire from active competing and to focus on a teaching career.
In 1995  he was offered a position to teach in Boston, MA. He took the opportunity and made the big move across the Atlantic ocean to build a new life in the United States.
After moving to Boston, Christian was based at the Fred Astaire  Dance Studio (Boston West) for almost 6 years., He initially taught at that school, an later moved on to supervising and ultimately managing it.
Christian has been trained by some of the most famous international top instructors and world champions, and has been an instructor himself with over 14 years experience in teaching.
His experience in the field of dance instruction has reached and inspired students of all ages.